Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Identity Theft

Identity Theft
     I wish every teacher took the time to let me know I was important. Those that told me I was important, also convinced me that I was a smart, kind, and powerful leader. I committed to acting accordingly. Then there were those educators that stole my identity by telling me I could not achieve. When anyone tells a student he/she cannot accomplish something, it’s the biggest form of identity theft.
     Because of my modest upbringing and the high work ethic of my parents, the identity thieves prompted me to become intrinsically motivated until I figured it out. Some students never had that ability. We need to work harder and together for those students to look differently in the mirror.
     You already know what I’m about to tell you but I’ll tell you anyway. Relationship building is one of the keys to a positive climate and culture. Making those connections will allow our students to not only look in the mirror to see who they are but to look in the mirror to see who they can become.
      There are hundreds of ways to connect but they all must be sincere and build trust. Trust leads to trustworthiness. With a long break coming up, I hope everyone is excited to spend time with friends and family. I also hope your students are excited to come back to school and see you!  
     Start building: High fives, stopping a kid in the hall for positive reinforcement, show up at events, positive calls home, thank you card, smiles, participation in spirit days, let the students facilitate, let them tell their stories through differentiation, give them jobs in class, talk to them, let them talk to each other, start and maintain traditions,
More ideas from 50 Great Things Leaders Do: Let’s Get Fired Up! (Appendix B)
Appendix B
Inspirational & Fun Ideas for Building Relationships
1.       Have a Yearly Theme 
2.     Welcome Forward (Happy New Year) 
3.       Halfway Celebration 
4.       Roll out the red carpet (many ways)
5.       Start traditions
6.       Declare a service learning platform
7.       Yearly Staffulty Picture on the first day
8.       Photoshop your head on the shoulders of your favorite superhero
9.       Staffulty field trip
10.    Tip of the Week
11.    Question of the Week
12.    Power Clap
13.    Secret Handshakes
14.    Design, create, trade pins from each yearly theme
15.    Create temporary tattoos promoting your theme and organization
16.    Renaissance Someone: Student, Staffulty, Parent, Community Member
17.    Core Boards - give one, keep one- What’s your core word?
18.    Pass around a beach ball and marker. Have each person write a power word on the ball.
19.    The Starfish Story & other stories of character
20.    Paint your walls with murals and quotes
21.    Paint your bathrooms with quotes and murals
22.    Paint your parking spaces
23.    Let your students draw with chalk all around the outside of your school
24.    Build A Legacy
25.    Leave A Legacy
26.    Leave A Legacy and memorialize it on a tile wall
27.    Name your hallways
28.    Take A Number (Deli Counter Character) with inspirational quotes and actions
29.    Put a candy machine in the Staffulty Lounge then give everyone a quarter to use it
30.    Put fruit on the counter (5-star check-in)
31.    Make your staffulty meeting an event
32.    Have an exercise and/or yoga class
33.    Spirit Days
34.    Have A Leadership Summit
35.    Send a thank you note
36.    Welcome people on your campus – Greeter/Tours
37.    Brag Board- (hard copy and digital) Brag about your school or organization
38.    Make your own inspirational posters with pictures of people you know (students and staffulty)
39.    Hold up signs: You Are Awesome! Honk If You’re Happy!, Smile, etc.
40.    Invite a former student to be a keynote speaker on the first day for staffulty
41.    Have Popcorn Paydays
42.    Make breakfast for the first ten people at work
43.    Buy lunch for someone you rarely see
44.    Staffulty of the Month
45.    Create the abundance mentality
46.    Have a Leadership Exchange (visit another school and have them reciprocate with ideas)
47.    Retire a T-Shirt
48.    Have a secret pal week
49.    Organize a pre-pep rally picnic
50.    Have an academic pep rally to celebrate academic excellence, leadership, great character, and participation
51.    Create a Great News File
52.    Make Positive Contact
53.    Have an Ice Cream Social
54.    Have A Girls Only Day
55.    Have A Guys Night Out
56.    People’s Choice Awards
57.    Leadership Camp for Incoming students (or highest grade) or any stakeholder group
58.    Daddy/Daughter Dance
59.    Mommy/Son Dance
60.    Character Commercials
61.    Renaissance Television (RTV)
62.    Play music in the cafeteria (have people make different playlists)
63.    Play music when people enter your building
64.    Dance in the cafeteria during lunch
65.    “Dancing with the Staffulty” contest
66.    Renaissance Stamps 
67.    Pass the Lightsaber
68.    Lip Sync Contest
69.    Classroom makeover – for staffulty winners or surprises
70.    Door decorating contest
71.    Blue/Gold Basketball Game – students and staffulty on both teams
72.    Dress Down Paydays- for staffulty rewards
73.    Penny Wars- for service
74.    Make your yearbook an event – no one should be sitting at a desk for their picture, use your yearly theme
75.    Almost Anything Goes (AAG) – silly and fun relays for students, parents, and staffulty
76.    Pie a teacher, supervisor, or co-worker with shaving cream
77.    Staffulty Leadership Relay Olympics
78.    Celebrate everyone’s birthday on their door and hallway bulletin board
79.    Outline the perimeter of your building with American flags to celebrate patriotism
80.    Diversity Day -use your imagination
81.   Dear You, You Are Awesome- inspirations that can be torn off a poster (smile, you rock, you are talented, you are beautiful, etc.)
82.    Create a Year in Pictures and post to social media
83.    Define your organization with ten pictures
84.    Stand up on top of your chair or desk and yell: “I am alive!”
85.    Collect Smiles
86.    Pass Out Smiles (like the free compliments)
87.    Make envelopes and write on them, “open when you want to smile.” Put things inside that make people smile.
88.    Designate a “Friendship Bench”
89.    Create a “come sit with me” table
90.    Create a “5 Star” restaurant table in the cafeteria
91.    Have a guest waiter and waitress dinner
92.    Fitness Community Night – fun and diversified
93.    Community University
94.    Barbeque hot dogs and hand them out at dismissal and to people in cars picking up people
95.    Meet and Greet Bingo
96.    Affirmation Bingo
97.    Diversity Bingo
98.    TGIM- Thank Goodness It’s Monday
99.    High Five Friday- with a big spongy hand
          100.  Icebreakers and team building activities should be a regular part of your repertoire.

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  1. I always made it a point to connect with the Heretics, Outliers & Disruptors. They needed to know that they weren't just invited to the office for a negative reason. They needed to know that they were important and we needed them to make our school a great one.