Wednesday, November 7, 2018


            Chances are, no matter what time you are reading this post, you have already made dozens or even hundreds of choices. Some choices about today you even made before you went to bed or in the middle of the night. Some choices were made weeks, months, or years ago. Some choices did not start until this morning when your feet hit the floor.
          Because you have the power of choice, some very remarkable things can happen. Because you have the power of choice, some extremely unremarkable things will happen, too. Every time you choose, you have an opportunity cost. This occurs when you relinquish an alternative to your choice. What did you give up? What can you gain?
          Sometimes we wait too long to choose. We may be reluctant, or we may be underinformed. Some decisions can be calculated, like where you go to college, or what you are wearing to a party. Some choices may be instantaneous like an emergency. Either way, we can be prepared to lead ourselves and the people around us.
          Leadership is not popularity, position, or a one-time event. Leadership is a choice. Every day, we need to make that conscious choice that we are going to be that person we want around us. Be that person, be that leader. Calculate the opportunity cost of not making the choice to be a leader. Someone else will make that choice, and you may not like the outcome.
          Together, our leadership abilities increase exponentially by the number of leaders we create. In a leadership organization, you can see and feel hundreds of leaders walking down the hall. It is not a question of how many leaders but the question will be, “How many positive leaders?”
What leadership choice are you making today?

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